Cookie Policy

This cookie policy covers all websites of BRITAX RÖMER Kindersicherheit GmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 9, 89340 Leipheim, Germany, (“BRITAX”), third party platforms (such as Facebook), and applications accessed through such websites or platforms.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are possibly stored on your computer (or other device) when you visit BRITAX websites. A cookie contains the name of the website from which it originates, the lifetime of the cookie on the device, and a value that is a randomly generated unique number. Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the BRITAX websites and to better customize the BRITAX websites and the products of BRITAX to the needs of the customers. This facilitates future visits to the BRITAX websites and their use. BRITAX also uses cookies to produce anonymous statistics that help BRITAX improve the structure and content of the BRITAX websites.

Consent to the use of cookies

By using the above BRITAX websites, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. If you do not agree that BRITAX uses cookies in this way, please make the appropriate settings on your browser or refrain from using BRITAX websites. If you disable the cookies that we use, this may affect the use of the BRITAX websites. For more information personal data processing, please refer to the BRITAX Privacy Statement.

The following list of cookies used by BRITAX describes their respective purpose and lifetime (i.e., how long each cookie remains on your device). It also describes the cases in which BRITAX website analysis tools are used.

Cookie Name Description of its functionality Are personal data collected? Links for further information
Google Analytics _ga
We implement Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use our website.
We use this information to help us to improve our website and the user experience.
Olapic __olapicU To be able to upload and show images of products placed by other people. No
Tealium utag_main Used to store system information, detailed info in the link No
Salesforce Commerce Cloud dwanonymous_* Commerce Cloud cookies used to distinguish one customer from another. Preserve customer information, preferences, basket etc. Yes, Customer IDs and settings
Salesforce Commerce Cloud dwsecuretoken_* Commerce Cloud cookie to indicate a secure session. Any https traffic is handshaked against this cookie to prevent session spoofing No
Salesforce Commerce Cloud dwsid Commerce Cloud session id No
Salesforce Commerce Cloud sid Session id No
Salesforce Commerce Cloud dwpersonalization_* Used for page personalization during multi variate testing Yes
Salesforce Commerce Cloud dwac_* Commerce Cloud analytics cookie No
CQuotient cqcid First party cookie; contains a hashed ID for an anonymous user Yes
CQuotient cqcid First party cookie; contains a hashed ID for a known, logged-in user Yes
CQuotient uuid Third party cookie (on, contains a randomly generated ID No
CQuotient __cq_uuid First party version of uuid No
CQuotient __cqact First party cookie; contains activities that are queued up and sent from the browser, and is deleted immediately upon sending. No
CQuotient bc Third party cookie (on, contains activity history, such as the last 10 products viewed by the shopper Yes, last activity based on clicks
CQuotient __cq_bc First party version of bc cookie (described above) No
CQuotient __cq_seg First party cookie; contains segment information for personalized search No
CQuotient __cqviews First party cookie; contains the last viewed recommendations to detect clicks, immediately deleted upon sending No

How can I prevent the use of cookies?

Most Internet browsers are set to accept cookies by default. These settings can be changed so that cookies are not accepted at all or a notification is given and you are asked for your consent. For further information, please refer to the manual of your browser.